07 years of personal success or failure of the watershed

      today see Jiang article raised a lot of feelings, khuong is credible according to 51.la data from the statistical data analysis: "I want the personal website for more than 80% of the traffic from search engines, this shows that Internet users habits have changed, they rarely go to search for information on a particular in the website, but he wanted to use the search engine to search the information directly from the Internet, search engine has become an important way to find Internet cyber source, and more and more users will not remember the search results to the website he important information.

      there is a data is even more shocking – personal web site from the search engine traffic and more than 70 from Baidu!" No, I used to believe that the accumulation of their own personal website, will not stop. Up to now, I have no more than 10. They are only one of the following reasons: because of the closure of Baidu; lack of funds in the garbage space; technology is not enough to refuse the bulk of the user interface and user experience; blindly do not have the ability to make money, etc.. "There are several factors of success, failure requires only one factor" in the face of this situation, how should we do?

      I was in front of me to write "based on the local, the expression of the further development of" point of view, some people even said to establish a local "town portal station", I think the major forces for the overall ability of small LAN, suitable for small local, how also compete with you you do your the town portal Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other major portals. This is also the value of the local website trends. I feel more and more, recognize themselves in what position, from his position as a starting point for the slowly development, rather than blindly expand the dependable multi failure.

      after 2007, if your local site is others, then you will think "if I did it, than he did well, but I did not say" if "," there is always a chance, just to see if we can seize the. The so-called 2007 is the personal success or failure of the watershed De, which refers to the individual webmaster is not much technology and capital of pure individuals. Can only rely on vision, to seize the trend and the success of personal webmaster.

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