New way to spread Trojans everyone carefully

, Baidu’s storm, thunder, PPStream QVOD vulnerabilities spread Trojan

I believe that no one without a storm, thunder, Baidu’s PPStream QVOD, the software?? not used in the hands, I believe that there should be No.

well, that everyone should look, now found a powerful "qhbpri Trojan" (aka OnLineGames), this is a game of pilfer date trojan virus type. Mainly for the virtual property in game account and game account, use the old version of the Baidu storm, Souba, thunder, PPStream and some other software vulnerabilities linked to user machine. Since these software is basically one of the essential software users, so the number of computers infected by their vulnerability is not a few. It is impossible to guard against.

is more terrible "qhbpri Trojan" variant of the game very much, steal the target swept existing popular games, such as journey, Yulgang, heaven, Huaxia, legend, Denon eight, Fantasy Westward Journey, perfect world, etc.. One of the more popular varieties online is mainly aimed at QQ huaxia. After the move, the Trojan will frequently find the game window, when they find themselves in the process of the game, code handles user login direct interception of the target in the process of the game, use the ASP link, submitted to the Trojan server to achieve the purpose of stealing.

machine security measures always do good! The Internet yesterday, even in a download, machine 27 Trojans! Depressed die machine all patches are hit full. Unless a new vulnerability! Search the Internet for a long time, is to find out! Behind the discovery of a new ODAY. for QVOD hack! After I test, QVOD is installed, if the horse horse met 100% rate in


something is all right to check their own storm video, thunder, PPStream and other software, the latest version of it, blocking the source of vulnerability,

is now making Trojan people use the commonly used software vulnerabilities to spread Trojans, rarely using window vulnerability, so to remind you, some of the commonly used software best regular updates, use the latest version, has just in case. Http://

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