Lazy people finally began to site

      perhaps, there are many undergraduates mixed better than me, and even many small graduated stationmaster is Jiacaiwanguan, and now I what all have no, no money, no girlfriend, a person in the distance! Away from home, away from loved ones! Only a few college students in the same dormitory, they have their own work, with them at least one can rely on, at least not lonely lonely! But I’m single now, even with two friends! From a person’s life and sometimes I deeply appreciate what is boring and lonely, in order to get rid of the pain of life, I only removed from the Internet, to find myself, find the joy of my sea! In silence to do stand, in silence to pursue, this is a more inward looking man’s heart!

      when it comes to standing, in fact, I do not understand! When I was a junior, my brother in the same room did a part-time job on the other side of the site, and he had a good relationship with his boss! He said that after I learned HTML to ensure that I can go to their company, so I started the journey of the HTML code, but I am stupid, sometimes reading is not very attentive! There were no computers available! Feeling the school did not grow, a lot of markers are basically in mind, but when I made a page, I Speechless! How do you do it? Yes, how to do? At that time I realized the light see is not to practice, that is equal to the white school, do "is the process of practice, only in the process of practice will grow! I do not study art, design is relatively poor, do the web page pictures are downloaded from the web to modify their own! After that period of study, I basically understand how a web page is done! But I did not learn, I feel too difficult, people are more lazy. I was about to buy a second-hand computer to use in the summer vacation, the family did not have the money, I asked my sister to tell a lot of lies, find a lot of excuses! The computer got the hand to play for a few days, I began to regret it! First, I will not play games, mainly do not want to play; two, because of the money to buy a computer I got with the family and sister lying after, very sorry conscience, the family was very poor, my mother often don’t have the money to cure relapse! Such a computer for a while, then just summer vacation in the bedroom during the day on the Internet, watching the Athens Olympic Games in the evening! The day passed, what technology will not, what technology does not learn! HTML also forget the light, suddenly one day I think it is time to learn something, we are also a computer professional, at least should know some programming techniques! So C++ I taught myself, but it is the grammar of these are read, the mind is not a bit of programming ideas! I am tired, every day on the CSDN asking when a C++ books, watching over the front part I can forget, I feel I have the talent. Hey, don’t mention the past!


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