Jingdong shares sold more than 400 million shares of good pharmacists breaking up with Kyushu

After two years of

cooperation, Jingdong and due to personality differences break up.

Kyushu recently announced that the Jingdong intends to hold 49% stake in good medicine all transferred to Kyushu, equity transfer price to the market pricing basis and did not reach the Jointown latest audited net assets of 10%. At present, the two sides have signed the "equity transfer agreement" and "business strategic cooperation agreement".

according to Kyushu through 2013 first quarter earnings, its quarterly owner’s equity of 4 billion 687 million yuan. If in accordance with the above, less than 10% of the latest audited net assets, the acquisition price of less than $470 million.

July 2011, Jingdong in the category of the overall expansion of the strategy, decided to enter the pharmaceutical category, and then in the form of capital to achieve cooperation with Kyushu, co operating a good pharmacist website. Among them, Kyushu shares accounted for 51%, accounting for Jingdong shares of $49%.

data show that in 2011, the scale of domestic medicine B2C has reached 400 million yuan in 2012, the scale of pharmaceutical B2C may have more than $1 billion 500 million.

is a Jingdong insiders on the "First Financial Daily reporters, Jointown is the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies, has a strong advantage in medical resources, channels and policy, this is the original reason for the Jingdong to cooperate with.

at the same time, the Jingdong’s main rival in China Taobao also actively develop the medicine category, but suffer from policy access restrictions, few have been stopped.

According to the relevant provisions of

, through Internet sales of drugs, food and drug supervision and management departments must pass the national examination and approval, to obtain "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" and "the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate". Taobao, the Jingdong of all domestic B2C platform, currently only achieved the "Internet drug information service qualification certificate", which has not yet been achieved "the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate", does not have the qualification of the online sale of drugs.

insiders believe that Jingdong and Kyushu through the marriage in addition to complementary resources on both sides, with the help of Jingdong also have access to policy considerations, and the establishment of a joint venture, you can solve this problem.

but with the deepening of cooperation, Jingdong and Kyushu aspects of the contradictions continue. Kyushu side had told reporters that the contradiction between the two sides is mainly Jingdong’s own platform has begun selling drugs, health products, which is a joint venture with the two sides Jingdong good pharmacist business competition.

this is also the reason behind the overall development strategy of Jingdong. 2012, Jingdong began to develop an open platform business, to create self + open platform business portfolio, in order to expand the platform transaction volume and user traffic, against Taobao’s competition. Therefore, Jingdong is also in the way of open platform, the introduction of third party sites for users of drugs.

analysts believe that Jingdong in 3C digital, large appliances, figure >

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