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Effective analysis between

these days have been observed in the background of the site statistics and page; make a web site easy to operate a website to effectively master the use of their own website is more difficult.

on a web site at the initial stage of development, there may be investigation and analysis in the industry a lot of work on investment, once the site on the line, officially began operations when promotion, most of the owners is more likely to go into the external publicity, update daily maintenance content, Links for exchange, a lot of publicity blog forum, advertising and other promotional even for promotion, can do some of this may not be able to guarantee a very good effect, a lot of enterprises and companies in the process of the operation of the site, is a thought to propaganda and promotion website can last good returns, but one of the links may everyone has to say, but are far neglected did not go to the actual action problem.

this problem is the site’s own page rectification. These days, Zhengzhou strong SEO A Bin observed the company’s own website and peer site, similar to that found in a lot of problems, from the visual display page layout and content, most are the gap in the details. Interested friends can see Sina, a Sohu news page, the content of narrative from the beginning to the end, even recommended news related links and steady left and bottom, is so smooth, not too many pages feel emptiness and resentment. Yesterday I took our website a news page and the product and colleagues do a good web page made a comparison, the product page at first glance, there is a feeling of emptiness, because from the first screen to open the page was a picture, but also around this emptiness. About to add some of the company’s products in the right should be a user to click on, but I found that I was wrong, tracking the background traffic statistics found that the page out rate has reached more than 90%, other B2B sites observed the same product page, although the picture is not as big as ours, but there is a very detailed introduction in the picture on the right side of the first eye and open the page allows users to glance, perhaps this difference is a coincidence, but the same situation. The real in front, can not believe that the user experience is the most real, if you want to improve the bounce rate of this kind of page, we set, let users click on the picture directly view the next product page, this can be a very good solution to the user page is monotonous and jump out of the question.

if you don’t believe it, you may be able to accept my question. As a business page, I through the traffic statistics, from 2 pages, a page out rate is about 33%, one is, the bounce rate at around 75%, with the 2 page, the same enterprise "

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