Many copycat Taobao eco city amphitropous Ali prosecution claims ten million


technology news April 7th noon news, Alibaba group announced today that, for many the "Taobao eco city real estate and commercial projects, Ali group and has officially filed a civil lawsuit for Alibaba, Taobao and other related subjects of fraudulent use of the name of tort.

sued cottage Taobao eco city were located in Xi’an, Guizhou, Linyi three, Alibaba to the construction, investment and other related subjects were claims 10 million yuan, has been filed by the court.

at the end of 2015, Ali group found that the Ministry of justice staff in the investigation of Xi’an a fake "Taobao University" in the process, there is a local "Taobao eco city", in the sale of shops and foreign investment in the process, without permission to use the name of Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Ali cloud, Ma and other big false propaganda, blind a lot of owners. With the deepening of the investigation, and further found that Guizhou, Linyi and other countries have such a Taobao eco city, and there are a lot of relationships between each other.

Alibaba forensics data show that the "Taobao eco city" is not only a copycat Taobao name, Taobao will be printed on the real numbers, the sales offices banners, Loushu, sand table, employee name card, house car body etc., a large amount of publicity in the official website or line still use Taobao to the Alibaba, reconstruction of myth "" hand in hand, Chinese electronic commerce the first brand of Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Alipay relying on the depth of support "," Taobao University "," Tmall International Street "," Alipay shopping center "," follow the horse Yungan electricity supplier, Ali cloud computing partner units "and other false propaganda and the use of Ma’s name and portrait.

, Guizhou Taobao "eco city" and even made by Alibaba,, ant payment service name congratulations banners, hanging in the real estate construction site, resulting in misleading to the public and the owners.

last week, the Alibaba group and to trademark infringement and unfair competition, Xi’an, Guizhou, Linyi three "Taobao eco city" investment, construction and other related subjects reported to the Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s court, called for an immediate cessation of infringement and unfair competition, and claims 10 million yuan respectively. Currently, the court has formally filed.

Ali group’s lawyer, Kindu law firm partner Qu Miao said, Ali group have all registered trademark rights and other lawful rights and interests of the Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Alipay and other brands, Mr. Ma’s name and portrait are protected by law. Unauthorized use of "Taobao" brand as the name of the project and foreign false propaganda, and unauthorized use of name and portrait of Mr. Ma in the propaganda, suspected to constitute trademark infringement, unfair competition and personal rights infringement. These acts are enough to make the public mistakenly believe that there is a correlation between the relevant projects and Alibaba group, not only may dilute or damage the Alibaba group’s related brands, but also against the general

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