VANCL become another Amazon is a distant dream



in the end is to create clothing brands or stores, where the customer has been indecisive, of two minds.

time: March 2011

: I think, where the discourse has the responsibility to prove this model can do more, such as to become the representative of a new model about the level of the amazon.

The following

: in November 2012, where the outbreak of the so-called layoffs door. Vintage declared that exit platform wars.

When the

in November 2012, the arena began to spread a Chinese B2C electric version of the seven powers Hegemony: Tmall (Taobao mall), Jingdong,, Gome, Tencent, WAL-MART and Amazon Chinese easy fast holding shop. But there is no guest name.

and all passengers had claimed not to do things and servers is different, this article mentioned "another Amazon" is another kind of things: a blog in an attempt to China lofty ideals and high aspirations, as Sina pulled off the same. But with the lofty ideals and high aspirations in concrete execution, and we give people the feeling is always in the end to build the brand of clothes or to build shopping malls is indecisive, of two minds.

vintage in this mode can be made larger, and the so-called "Amazon about level but it is a" new model ", what is the


electricity supplier in general there are several models. The "virtual property", the representative is Taobao (market and the mall are), features is that they don’t own brand sales, no goods or shops (possibly behind investment), basically do not stock, rely on advertising as a tap or charge trading profits, cash flow and logistics between businesses and consumers not much, the electricity supplier’s own intervention (Alipay is a trading tool, and below that first consumers more money to the supplier completely different). This type of company made very few domestic, generally Taobao.

is the second mall, Jingdong and Amazon China are considered. Although they do not have their own goods, but direct to consumer supply, it has its own logistics and cash flow, there must be account of problems of supplier: from the hands of consumers and suppliers of money is received after the payment. Including, Gome, one store, in fact, belong to this kind of mode. No commodity brands but operating their own shops, profits from the upstream and downstream spreads, gross margins will not be too high.

vintage in the "new model" is indeed the first two are not the same, we not only operating in an online store, is still operating a "brand". Not only the suppliers to provide OEM products, it should be stamped "guest card" label. Where the customer is no longer a shop name, but the store + commodity. There are a lot of small and medium-sized domestic B2C is such a model, quite a number of traditional times, the former shop after the factory feeling. And this model

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