ndividuals can no longer register CN domain name registered users will be subject to review

has registered 13 million users will be subject to review

CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) of the new regulations, from 9 pm yesterday, want to register domain names on the Internet users, submit applications online at the same time, also need three copies of the written application materials submitted, including business license. This means that individual users registered ".CN" domain name on the door closed.

industry believes that the move CNNIC, CCTV has been traced to the previous report of the phenomenon of pornographic network response. Reported that CCTV exposes some unscrupulous people can easily apply for a domain name to open pornographic sites, resulting in the eradication of pornographic websites can not be fundamentally. Insiders said, although the individual registered · CN domain name is rejected, but still the international domain name registration, what is the significance? Fu Liang telecommunications experts believe that radical porn in the premise of implementing domain name system and appropriate auditing and tracing mechanism, increase the illegal cost is more important.

".CN" domain name "yellow"

domain name of the use of low-cost and mobile porn site profiteering, so frequent replacement of the domain name, replace the resurrection is possible. The evening of December 9th, after CCTV exposure, a porn site, there are 30.CN domain name, registration information is false information.

according to the suspect Jeong said that after the closure of a web site, by replacing other domain names can quickly let WAP site resurrection, restart the station. These domains are pointing to the Yellow site. Jeong account registered more than and 30 domain name is registered through the network and the network name Fu huang. Customer service for its own large and make up the domain name registration information, I do not know the domain information owner who is.

Fu Liang said that the use of low cost mobile phone domain and pornographic website profits, make ".CN" domain name being "yellow", but the name is innocent as a source of pornography flooding.

million users to accept the review

currently, the number of registered.CN users have 13 million of the giant, and all users will be subject to review.

has been registered on the.CN domain name, whether it will be blocked in the review storm. Liu Zhijiang, deputy director of CNNIC, said, will not rush to close the registered domain name."

"for legitimate use of the site, we will not rush off. If the information is not accurate, to stop the domain name resolution, CNNIC will also contact with the user in advance, and give them sufficient time to modify the perfect." Liu Zhijiang, deputy director of CNNIC, said.

it is understood that the CNNIC will be applied to the regulation and application of the new domain name two large users. Users who have applied for the domain name, will focus on the review of these domain names refer to the site jurisprudence or engage in other illegal acts. The new application domain users, users are required to submit a written application materials and domain name registration services required to strengthen the audit.

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