Dropbox leak is still spreading an adult website was exploded 800 thousand account password

last week, hackers have been leaked in the dark Dropbox and Last.fm two companies on the hundreds of millions of account passwords, exposing the Internet Co in the protection of user information on the serious defects. But now this leak is still no signs of stopping, the latest news is that the hacker team leaked pornographic websites Brazzers nearly 800 thousand user account password.

this is a hacker published in the dark web database contains 928072 account information, including 790724 different e-mail addresses, as well as many user name and password.

The Next Web in an interview with Brazzers Matt, public relations manager Stevens said: "this is the first database in 2012 in our Brazzers forum leaked, but this forum by a third party management."

Stevens said that the "third party" to use the vBulletin management software on the existence of loopholes in the database leakage reasons. In order to allow users to use the Brazzers site and the Brazzers forum account is shared between.

on Monday, Dropbox disclosed that the company’s 68 million user passwords leaked in 2012 has been leaked to the dark network, when the data leakage from a Dropbox security incident".


2012 Dropbox official blog explanation of this event is: the lost password is used to access the Dropbox employee account, including the user’s e-mail address with the project file. We believe that this illegal access led to the emergence of spam. We are sorry for this and take additional control measures to ensure that the accident will not happen again."

that is, Dropbox has been considered to be leaked only the user’s e-mail address, so they will worry about users infected by spam. But the actual situation is even more terrible, that is, these 68 million user’s e-mail address and password have been leaked.

but thankfully, these leaked passwords have been encrypted over the dark text password, rather than the user directly enter the plaintext password. Before the information was leaked in 2012, Dropbox has its own encryption algorithm from SHA-1 upgrade to bcrypt, in addition to these passwords also uses a random data string to strengthen the encrypted salt technology. That is, even if hackers get these passwords, they can only see a string of meaningless characters.

and on Friday, the hacker took the music service from 2012

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