Phpwind 8 5 version of the new version of the details of the exposure is expected

phpwind 8.5 version of the new version of the functional details of exposure is expected

it is reported that Alibaba’s universal station software and service provider phpwind force again, the latest version of phpwind 8.5 is under development. It is understood that the version of the product in the beginning of the research and development focus to listen to the voice of improvement of the webmaster, a number of features, very awesome, the user experience has made great progress. The new version of the product features and more product features of concern, the experience of the station to invite the unknown time, the current outflow of the functions are as follows:

phpwind8.5 series features a: new user boot from registration start

The new

mobile phone binding certification, registration of instant binding mobile phone number; new user registration perfect guide; successful new user registration user community recommendation; successful new user registration after exciting content recommendation; background user data field classification; user information management new fill area type; library management; school library management; new user guides integral touch



Figure 1-

new user guide foreground display.


Figure 2-

new users to guide the background management

phpwind8.5 series two features: invitation code generate how a "convenient"

launched the background invitation code batch generation function. Only need to be in the background > global > registration settings > invite the registration to select [batch generate invitation code], directly in the batch to generate the invitation code number box to enter the number you want, click submit. Then click the invitation code management can be seen to generate the bulk of the invitation code, this feature also increased the invitation code type, at a glance.


figure -1: batch generate invitation code number input box


figure -2: invitation code management list

phpwind8.5 series features three: how do you want to manage your team

webmaster can through the 8.5 new "team list" and "operation team" two functions to understand the site management team, management personnel, the comprehensive score of each time, the number of online posting and management of statistical data.


figure -1: team list prototype renderings


figure -2: team assessment prototype renderings

phpwind8.5 series features four: team assessment webmaster operation management good helper


team assessment scope can be used for internal and external moderators work assessment reference; evaluation system; basic reward; reward; reward remind; custom message >;

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