Do you know what your users need

      yesterday afternoon to do a need to collect the sharing will be fruitful, here also want to talk about their views on demand.

      in fact, for the UED sector, we are more focused on the needs of various departments, although occasionally as a demand side. In fact, most of the time we may feel that there is no in-depth excavation and analysis of demand, more just to deal with and deal with as soon as possible. However, we often find certain requirements or pages to be modified and replaced frequently. What about this time?

      1 understand your needs side

      within the company, the boss, the customer may be your demand side, but you will have priority when dealing with it? Boss > Department of > customer

      the real needs of the user will be placed at the bottom, and more often in the internal customer satisfaction first. Do you arrange your needs?

      2 mining your needs

      any demand will have a background and source, a lot of time to deal with the needs of the background and source of demand will be ignored, perhaps too late? Maybe not enough resources? Will allow you to ignore, and such a temporary neglect may be the cause of the continuous demand. Because you didn’t dig and plan your needs. Only the hidden reasons behind the needs of mining can fundamentally solve this demand.

      3 planning your needs

      prior to an interview with an architect to find out how they deal with the requirements of the method, system, and overall planning requirements, so as to make the demand as little as possible to affect the underlying program architecture. So does the UED department need it? The answer is obvious: if you don’t want to deal with your needs every day. A good plan allows you to cope with changes in demand after demand change rapidly.

      4 manage your needs

      in fact, there are a lot of requirements management software, as we use the IBM Rational Portfolio Manager function is more powerful. In fact, there is a need for management software can be more clearly see and plan your needs, sources, frequency and so on.

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