Financial Times China nternet Corporation data is difficult to convince the public

NetEase science and technology news March 29th, according to the Financial Times reported that China Internet Corporation continued to publish amazing growth data, but the quality of these data is suspect.

Alibaba announced on Monday that the company’s annual sales target of 3 trillion yuan ($462 billion). This figure exceeds the U.S. Census Bureau last month on 2015 the U.S. electricity supplier market size estimates, that is $341 billion.

a day later, the largest China limousine service platform drops quickly announced that the company called the car reached 10 million times daily. Fast, which makes the company become the world’s largest mobile phone based service platform".

China’s Internet users a large scale – from a global perspective, this part of the country’s Internet Co is also the world’s highest valuation. The logic behind this is that China has 668 million Internet users in the service of these companies through a large number of clicks, procurement, search, and shopping activities.

although few people questioned the story of China’s rapid growth of the Internet, but the extent of this growth in the end how fast but sparked some debate. Analysts are now wary of the data of China’s Internet giants, some people are directly questioned the authenticity of these figures.

Duncan, chairman of

, a consulting firm in Beijing · BDA (Duncan Clark), said the results of the substantial increase in Internet Co is justified. "In China, the quality of service is usually very bad, or not efficient enough. Therefore, alternative web services have a greater impact on business activities, "he said. This makes catch-up development effect and substantial growth is more obvious."

but on the other hand, "to be a market leader is also a fierce competition. Therefore, the pursuit of large numbers is also a temptation, Clark pointed out.

Shanghai Market Research Group founder Sean · (Shaun), said the size of China’s Internet is no doubt, but the relevant performance figures may be exaggerated view of the long-term existence of.

, for example, many businesses on the platform of network Alibaba will use Pseudomonas to brush praise. "Businesses want five-star, how to do it by brush," he said.

The number of Alibaba

regin estimates, Pseudomonas probably accounted for the total merchandise trade (GMV) 20% to 30%. Anne · director of the Beijing J Capital Research research company; Stevenson Yang · (Anne Stevenson Yang) view more radical, she believes that the Alibaba have up to half of the total commodity trading is not real.

Alibaba said these estimates "no basis". The company said: "I"

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