From 0 to 10000 online shop is very easy to make money

a lot of people are complaining that it is harder and harder to do business on the Internet, and too many people are involved in the online shopping mall. With more and more rely on Taobao brush reputation superior, there seems to be no new and old sellers in the night, the dominant business in addition to doing a good job promotion, rely on luck. From my personal point of view, I want to put my Taobao online shop business to seize the following points:

1 appropriate shop promotion, do not want to make money online shopping is difficult to promote, the first is to pay some of the promotion, such as advertising, online train, etc.. Little effect free, is a community post replies and free information online store release.

2 note source, good source is the key to the success of the business, before I proxy clothes because the poor quality was often complaints, now the acting clothes because of good quality acclaimed, many buyers will introduce relatives and friends to patronize. So called "word of mouth" effect.


3 service attitude is better, the customer is God, for buyers to answer questions not to mind taking the trouble to their requirements, as long as not too picky should meet. Secondly, some attentive service should be considered for them, do not force and deceive buyers.

4 for the description of the goods to personality and not true. Write the name and description of the product as much as possible, but don’t have a word for it.

5 to do more public welfare, the role of this method needless to say we all know, in the conditions of their own contributions to their goods.

online shop is not a short duration of time to do things, a lot of people are stuck in the middle of abandoned or lost, on a monthly income of thousands of sellers might be your.

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