Depth analysis of the football website profit

football website for so long, the way to profit is really deep feelings. Like video sites like, there is survival, but there is no mature profit. And the video site is different, at least they are also optimistic about the VC, but also have the injection of funds, allowing them to study the process of profit in the process. On my website "new football" test version (, we generally think not reflected too good profits, we are in the process of discussion, also hope that through this article and we have better communication.

discussed with some of the Internet industry, the profit of mature football website, or do football website can let you make money, only: football lottery. The first way is to achieve profitability per user to get the most valuable new information; second is the lottery and other foreign companies, to get the Commission; third is to buy lottery. There are already a lot of sites in the form of a company or individual engaged in, but also can be harvested.

as a hardcore fan, is not true, at least I think so. Because a lot of playing soccer is not a football fan, because playing the lottery is the most is to make money, do not necessarily need to know about football, they only need to analyze some of the data, you can know the score. Even a friend said that the lottery is a numbers game, do not understand football anyway. So, I do a football website. No traces of lottery. I don’t need this way of earning money, because I want to be a real football fan like a football website that really specializes in football. I will not give up this idea in order to earn money, for me to do the site itself is a hobby, or I can do a dumpster to make money. When it comes to this part of the lottery.

other mature profit almost no way, at least not online. Under the line, including the organization of the group to carry out the activities of fans, the event includes playing football, watching the ball, parties, travel, etc.. This is also the only line under the organization of the game is worth digging. This idea can be obtained through another way of profit is the next line of the city football yuezhan. The city football Yuezhan or amateur football league, and I also talked to some experts, they are not interested in this project. They call it "hard work but no money," that even if it is hard to make money. In fact, such projects have started to do the site, but also in the way of profit seeking, at least not found the kind of explosive growth.

two days ago, a friend said to do a live football website to get investment, I think the possibility is very small. Is the start of the season Premier League has a high price to buy need to watch, the other league is also very difficult to see comfortable, so the Internet has become an important way to the fans to watch the game, age of football fans and also happens to the main users of the age layer anastomosis, time appeared a lot of live football website. I don’t think there’s a reason for the future of a live football website:

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