Ali investment Yuantong two companies in what


Yesterday (May 14th)

news, Alibaba has announced joint Yunfeng fund, investment strategy of domestic logistics and express companies tact, the two sides did not disclose the amount of investment. The two sides will focus on management, product promotion, internationalization, rural logistics and other aspects of cooperation.

it seems that Ali is not satisfied with the rookie logistics. April 22nd, one of the rookie investors, Shen Guojun, chairman of intime investment has claimed that Ali’s rookie logistics will be listed after the listing of the ant gold suit. The investment is in tact, Ali logistics heavy asset investment on the next city. But also with expectations of the investment in tact, attracted a new turn.

The following

analysis of Ali in the tiger sniffing Jun rookie logistics on the layout, and the open equity tact.

look at the days of rookie logistics, land, people triple play

in early 2009, Ali had invested bes Huitong express company, then investment stars jibian (defunct), long-standing platform to introduce the third party resource.

logistics is the biggest bottleneck in the electricity supplier companies at that time has become a consensus, Jingdong invested heavily in self logistics in 2009-2010, along the country’s logistics revitalization planning policy trend, in the subsequent years the effectiveness of increasingly prominent. Ali and intime group announced in 2013 a joint Fosun Group, Fuchun group, SF group, one of three links (tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme), and the relevant financial institutions to set up rookie logistics, launched the "China intelligent logistics backbone network". Ma Yun pointed out, Ali will not do express logistics, but to build a platform, from Skynet, computer net and three dimensions of ecological logistics.

when did Skynet, big data platform based on Tmall, Taobao


2014, Tmall Taobao has accounted for Chinese parcel express market share reached 65%, only eleven day logistics orders more than 278 million, cloud platform collaborative supply chain is the result of big data driven by skynet.

Vice president of

rookie network wunglin mentioned, Skynet through the open ISV application software and business background system, ALI / rookie system, partner system for e-commerce data exchange and sharing.

this is also the best part of Ali as Internet Co, through large data and logistics information systems to support logistics operation. In addition, rookie also integrates bes, Shen Tong, EMS Enterprise Cloud warehouse system.


grid, the enclosure movement and integrationAccording to the

rookie development strategy, responsible for warehousing, transportation network, distribution to gather resources, let the data really run up skynet.

was founded that year, rookie immediately start the layout of the national logistics park, by investing in real estate, intime group resources, get around jiancang. Up to now >

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