Biography of the country’s most cattle owners Li Xingping enter online games

According to

webmaster net users, Chinese cattle most individual stationmaster Li Xingping’s website has recently been promoting a "" online "Warring States, through the website of the payment page can view this site belongs to Xingning Xingping City computer trade company all this company is registered in Li Xingping the company, and the game’s official website domain name is the use of digital and digital domain name said to prefer Li Xingping with


author of the Whois query to confirm that the domain name for all Li Xingping. domain name Whois screenshot  

has so far been basically can determine the "Warring States." the net swims is run by Li Xingping! (this information is only speculation, not confirmed by Li Xingping himself)

Chinese’s most legendary personal webmaster has moved online games on the field, many still struggle in the field of personal website many webmaster, undoubtedly has a lot of substantive implications, in view of the current personal website profit difficult situation is worth many webmaster reflection!

Li Xingping created the myth of China’s personal website wealth myth, I do not know whether the online game industry also create a myth, we wait and see!

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