What is the fun of the network marketing thinking

social media era so that every marketing people are busy looking hot, and the form, seems to have forgotten the brand value. Forget their real purpose is to spread the brand, rather than spread an attractive title, a popular H5 game, but not N Zhang no one to see the bundle of hot spots. Liu Yu speech now marketing is too superficial, not the brand value, spirit and idea spread out, the audience implanted heart. This serious lack of marketing planning process, only pay attention to the form and click even just to join the busy marketing thinking, should be discarded immediately.

first plan after the spread, return to the right marketing thinking. Marketing planning process, simply say this: the understanding of the product – to understand the audience – the dissemination of content / form – the dissemination of the implementation (platform, steps, etc.). The following is Liu Yu, according to the current marketing environment, grasp the focus of the planning process. Share with you.

understanding of the product stage, mainly to form a unique selling point of the product in-depth understanding and memory. For example, there is a herbal tea products, selling point is not to hurt the stomach". To do in-depth understanding of its selling point, it is necessary to know the two points, one is "stomach tea" for what is the market for consumers, the importance of? Two is what specific evidence is to convince consumers. From these two problems, and then continue to refine their one or two of the most important factors, on the formation of the future shape, the hype brand a goal, the leading direction, mustering the effort to agree to let the market, remember a brand impression. The process of refining the analysis is a real understanding of the product.

let the audience consumer products, is the ultimate goal. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the target audience. Consumer era to today, to understand the surface of the audience and the general needs, it is difficult to achieve innovation. Because the demand is generally recognized and pursued by the public, for the pain point of publicity will be greatly reduced the attractiveness of consumers. And this kind of marketing competing products are doing, if your product does not occupy an absolute advantage, it is easy to be dead. So, to understand the audience, it is necessary to tap their hidden needs, to create a new concept of guidance, etc..

such as fluctuating "state God, two other" marketing concept, is the audience’s implicit demand mining. People at two o’clock in the afternoon will be sleepy, no spirit, leading to frequent mistakes in the work of office workers. This situation will ripple in advertising in the reproduction of the scene, and through a variety of new media and offline activities, expand the influence, make the audience eager at this moment "back" needs to be enlarged. The success of the product into the lives of consumers. To do this, you can say that you really know your target audience.

dissemination of content and the performance of the form of the form, it is clear that the two factors, one is the audience preferences, one is the current popular. Content extraction, to communicate with the consumer’s language, how they speak, what is popular in their world, how to express the ad. The same is true in the form of the target audience

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