Real estate car electricity supplier exploration how to extend from the entrance to the downstream

when IT hardware, department stores by the Internet and mobile Internet violent impact, there are two industries do not seem to cause too many ripples, which is the real estate and car. Although the two in the field of Internet ten years ago have the layout, such as housing, real estate, car home, easy car network and so on, but in the electricity supplier progress has been slow.

this course and the housing and car bottom line on the overweight, at least, even in the online booking car or real estate, also need the line showings or drive to decide to buy houses and cars, like the site, most is the information of the entrance, is the role of the media, and when users find the need after the payment of the next line, logistics links with the little relationship.

but with the rapid development of mobile Internet, Internet banking, the two sectors of the mode of thinking must also will be changed, although the line is still very heavy, a combination of online and offline will be more closely, but this time as the original Internet in this area, this is just the situation of how to break through the entrance. Extending to the upstream and downstream industry chain.

live off Liang Weiping: advertising is a backward business model

as the platform of information second-hand housing anjuke, has already set up 6 years from January 2007, in the PC Internet era, anjuke hope is different from other type of vertical real estate information website, with more "Internet" thinking to explore business models.

began to live off the business model is to settle through the intermediary fees, fixed about 400 yuan per month, the agency can release second-hand housing information on live off. However, this did not solve the two problems, the first is the most common problem for real estate credit is second, with the arrival of the mobile Internet era, live off the flow of more and more big, the "planned economy" is that income is not associated with the flow.

so live off this package type of charges, and the use of Baidu (143.81, 1.22, 0.85%), Taobao and other proven Internet business model: ppc. Do not need to promote the intermediary can not pay, but there are multiple sets of housing, the need to promote the intermediary can buy Promotional resources, and finally click on the number of paid to live off.


really do a good broker is willing to pay to do the promotion, although the promotion costs than the previous 400 month high, but he brought a suite of turnover percentage, can completely cover the cost of the promotion." Liang Weiping said.

adjustment of this revenue model is completed in the PC era, to the outbreak of the mobile Internet this year, when the mobile terminal traffic surge to bring more revenue to live off. According to Liang Weiping revealed that the current flow from the mobile terminal in a week, or a month’s length, have more than 50%.

outbreak of the mobile Internet, to bring another opportunity to live off is more

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