Domain name domain name unlock 5 popular exciting business opportunities


domain name have a minon expert in making money, a unique vision for the domain name especially for such a way of earning money, the domain name is also more attention in current affairs, international film star name, IT name, industry well-known figures, Royal Politics name and so on are taken into account, these people from all walks of life throughout the domain name in the industry has also become an independent school, in the domain name there are light and heat in time.


name is also more popular characters in domestic affairs in trading and commercial applications, the domain name is the ultimate value of site use, the domain name is also the name towards that direction line, at present many person in the world domain name site, domain name and current characters in the


Xi Li Ge character domain popular network


A popular figure in

network on 2010 called "Xi Li Ge" exposure to red, many users in the domain of concern very much, Xi Li Ge xilige three domain names have been registered users together, Xi Li Ge photos online crazy pass, fans all over the Chinese and Japan, Xi Li Ge Pinyin domain name also earned the users attention and traffic on the Internet, in December of that year, domain name enabled website launched men’s network, domain name registration in February 2010, has 1 years of registration time.

sports star in domain name brand


Lining in the Olympic Games in the hearts of Chinese people must have charm like yesterday, Lining also like domestic domain name and domain name for fans, Lining Pinyin domain name, the domain name has now been included in the acquisition of the Li Ning Co under the name of Lining, now not only as a person’s name, it is a sports brand on behalf of the user. The official domain name system In addition, the user is also related to domain name registered in the sports sector Yaoming basketball player Yao Ming, tennis player Li Na lina.

star Andy Lau

domain name auction sale transfer


Andy Lau occupy in the hearts of the masses of the people is very high, it is known as the four kings, Andy Lau liudehua related to the domain name of the alphabet, of course, become the favorite object of the domain name enthusiasts. domain names registered in July 2004, has been 7 years of history of the domain name registration, once took to the price of 6099 yuan sold in 2009 last year, grid node, the auction was again a hot topic in the domain forum, the main domain name has been registered suffix

Foreign Affairs Department of many popular characters earn flow, its commercial application is less, but there are people using the domain name site, and >

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