The rise and fall of the old owners of the local network

Department of computer after graduation, even the most basic computer maintenance is not, but fortunately, I went to a school with the computer teacher, said it was too ashamed, it is fraught ah.

can not disassemble, but I was the standard geek, at that time the school even to the net, and the trend of docking, opened a computer class, a web design. I am very paste on the web design is very interesting, it is interesting, I do not know where the principal to mention a more than I am also a web page design teacher. At that time, the teacher said, to set up a BBS in the LAN, the 32 put the BBS to set up well, also let us registered members, and then post, we ask, this is your own design? He said, of course. At that time, we have a large group of people to give him the thumbs; at that time, the teacher built a personal page, he took us to show off a large group of people to a computer pointing to the bottom of the page counter that said, every minute above people see ah. We are all stupid. At that time, was in April 2000, a third day off in the teacher, I rely on their regular training, with the BBS and counter, results, BBS is Dvbbs, the counter is a particularly direct theft, God, the teacher is on the two way school got all thumbs


at that time I was hooked on the website. By the ten day to the first person ", and then everywhere for free space and domain name, web pages do to users see, attracted a burst of praise, in fact, the entire page is only one page, but is designed to compare the personality. At that time, but also for the production of home page for female friends, to each big site application forum, mixed popularity.

passed the most gold in more than two years, in 2003, I played the server, the telecom fixed IP stack, looking at the telecom Secretary I was a talent, you said to me, I will give you the maximum bandwidth allocation (actually home broadband), and then give you a fixed IP, you can see can’t take the whole site name. In fact, my whole name, by the home broadband into a WEB server, BBS’s popularity steadily high, bandwidth is not enough to the end, open a page when a large number of visits to a long time, I began to think of a business, but a nightmare overnight form. One morning, my god damn server was hacked, actually my database files deleted completely.

grey to the extreme, in 2004 to establish a portal website, because at that time the local site basically no, plus their propaganda Qingjushulu, as well as some of the hardcore user support, I set up the, established only three months have been registered members of BBS exceeded one thousand mark, 05 years held more than a gathering of friends, founded the outdoor activity club, can be described as smooth. At that time, our local website, propaganda, for the.

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