My network of the road

      grassroots webmaster,

      now I think of myself as a grassroots webmaster, but the more exact name or network enthusiasts, I am a network of love, love his magic, like his vast.

      when I was in college, I came into contact with the Internet, at that time, I was still using the traditional dial-up dial-up Internet phone, 512k bandwidth. Remember the 263 time the Internet experience, each time the Internet is trying to save traffic, then the most attention are offline browsing, now is really gankaiwanduan, ordinary home users can enjoy 2M’s broadband network, the Internet is definitely a carefree feeling. Do not have to worry about how to save traffic. At the same time, also slowly breeding a large number of Web site construction enthusiasts.

      when I was in the first year of college, I was interested in setting up a web site, and I could go to the Internet cafe to design a web page, frontpage, and then use Dreamwaver. Although such a persistent, addicted to the site, but I am not a master of web design, I now is able to understand the level of HTML code, know how to modify, adjust the page, it is the primary stage. At that time, there is not a lot of excellent free Coms program now, so I think a site is a large number of HTML pages, now think of the cognitive level at that time is indeed very low.

      when I can use a large number of HTML pages to form a site, I would like to set up a site. Because I am a person in accordance with the above knowledge to learn. So, one of the questions that puzzled me for a long time was how to get people to see my site through the internet. I constantly search on the network, and finally figure out what is the domain name, what is space. I estimate that at that time, like me, the students are obsessed with the network, are clearly aware of a domain name, the price of a space. 126 free domain name and space, is more popular. Now these portals are no longer providing this basic network services, and thus can be seen that this is the product of the times. The network has been developing rapidly, while providing a higher level of experience to the emerging Internet users.

      golden free net, I think this site on the network mix long how many have heard of it, free space, free domain name, offers a variety of free information, but I often go there now, I don’t go now, this has no what new gravity free and with the development of technology, network transparency, the purchase of a commercial space it is easy, but the performance is stable and.

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