Enterprise O2O marketing principles from the perspective of platform users O2O


O2O, to build a platform for entrepreneurs like a swarm of bees. However, O2O is essentially a kind of thinking, is how to use Internet tools for traditional business services. We change the perspective, from the perspective of the platform users O2O.

we first see that the valuable O2O platform must have the following features:

When the user

platform: the O2O platform is not a simple technical platform, it must be user platform rather than flow platform.

V regional: "line" means the area features clear, can be broken down.

tick socialization: have social interaction function.

so, what are the marketing principles of the O2O platform business, the core principle is three words:

trust decided to buy; interactive decision transformation; service to create word of mouth.

[who marketing]

marketing is the enterprise most business owners will be a pressing matter of the moment, styled, there will be someone to marketing "or" rely on the media to marketing ideas.

trying to establish a new channel through O2O enterprises must recognize that: the establishment of channels is not easy. For enterprises, there is a premise: any enterprise must have its own channel control. Therefore, business owners for marketing, you can not do, but absolutely can not understand. Completely dependent on foreign aid or completely dependent on others will die very miserable. Marketing must rely on their own!

[where marketing]

long lane founder Qian Yu said a word: our users where we are and where.

who are your customers? Who are your customers? What kind of network tools are they using? On the Internet, the web site is a tool, and these tools are channels of communication!

a lot of businesses in the media under the misleading, blindly rush to buy, micro-blog. Last year, the real estate marketing has become fashionable for a time micro-blog fail as a result, the reason is: buyers have to use micro-blog? You can see your information? You can touch their micro-blog


any media is just a part of a tool or channel, said "personal" media absolutely is bullying. So, do not treat micro-blog marketing as a whole. It can be predicted that in order to enclosure as the goal of WeChat marketing, the results will not be much difference with micro-blog marketing. It can be concluded that, to do the marketing of O2O, users must use the same online tools.


we combine cases to illustrate how marketing.

first, the information can be likened to food to understand the meaning of content marketing. The newspaper information era is the era of the planned economy, to buy food to cover, so "but delicious dumplings", can eat is very good. TV >

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