The most effective way to promote local portal mobile phone ten app

when people are in working time, it was found that the network began to make money at home; when people do part-time online, someone found Taobao, how many people do when people do Taobao build up the family fortunes; Taobao, have found the micro business, earn enough when a large sum of money; people in WeChat public number, it was found that the local portal app; all of this is so natural, but there are rich, some people are still piaffe,,,


network is like this, what others do well, I will imitate. In fact, this is a good thing, do more, do good, are also the most popular internet. However, we have not found that the success of others, no matter how many people do not have a few successful imitation.

below or to summarize some of the popular and not the case:

Taobao merchant: I do not know Taobao was founded in, but I’ve heard a lot of people before to make money. However, I began to open the Taobao store in 2011. At that time, Taobao is really good to do, do not need to purchase, do not need to invest a penny, casually to the Internet to find some free things can be sold, money is also relatively easy.

but the second day of 2015, Taobao, I really do not want to say, let me very disappointed. Before the opening of a Taobao, every day a lot of people consulting shopping day now also want to hear several loud voice. Why, the flow has been bought by the rich, like those of us small sellers do not expect someone to buy things, you have to rely on their own to promote.

personal blog: with the fiery Lu Songsong blog, many people want to build their own blog, to create their own brand. Then, tens of thousands of blogs in both large and small China was born, and then a soundless and stirless dead. Now since the media blog were assigned as QQ space from the media, perhaps, this is the trend, but in the end will certainly die a lot.

WeChat public number: WeChat a fire, WeChat public number will fire up. Many people want to use WeChat public numbers to promote their business or product. Whether it is the site, or almost all individuals have established their own WeChat public number, every day is still sending information to promote.

of course, a lot of people’s WeChat public number is very good operation, I can not deny that Shao Lianhu blog is not to say that the public number is not good WeChat. However, WeChat public numbers may not be suitable for everyone. Previously, I feel very good WeChat public number, I also pay attention to every day to see some information. However, I now have a few months did not look at the public number, no why.

for local media, websites, forums, the best operation is the local portal forum. Moreover, the local forum also has its own mobile version of the forum. Moreover, these places will also be the site of the local media micro-blog, the local WeChat public number. He.

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