How to promote new sites

, a navigation landing site, the site navigation has about 20 real effect, the specific 20, you probably know better than me, try to log in, as long as you have a website, keep to effort, there are always unexpected harvest, I now have 5 Web site included, do not forget the more than and 100 small and medium-sized Web site navigation, those sites, although not directly flow over a day, or 2-5 IP, but after logging in, there will be good for search. Invisible effect.

Just start

two, links, just find some links, such as you do when a large, re screening, leaving some of your useful links, for example, leaving some of the same type of website, leaving some valuable links, high PR, or authority. However, when you delete the link, do not forget to tell each other, and delete the link directly to others, will make people angry.

three, search engine ranking search landing many big companies have their own navigation, or search the underlying source, Google Dmoz and Google and Baidu navigation, the essence of know, are the source of their search.

Is to spend money to do the

four, there are some advertising network advertising, have a friend, 100 yuan a month, a day to get 1000 hits, and is of high value to click, good to find useful to you advertising, there are some soft advertising, such as a few hundred in the company to be an alliance advertisers, free ad opportunity.

five, mass mailing e-mail messages, many people think that the value is not large, but still can be used, that is, your own e-mail settings and value.

another site users subscribe to mail, this marketing tool is good.

six, viral marketing, the best publicity advertising, not a virus oh, think of the virus is how to spread, if your promotion is similar to Domino. Or in a timely manner in your users infected and exploded by your users to discuss, you will succeed.

seven BBS, this is a propaganda propaganda skill and strength is combined with the experience of each person is different, the publicity is not the same, I just want to tell you one thing, there is a friend, Forum promotion is very strong, a day of promotion probably new flow 5-10 million ip. And his classmates, but also the webmaster, the day is also a forum to promote, on the 500 IP, differences and skills, 100 times.

eight, publicity activities, a service website, no activities can not, if you do not have the ability to organize activities, you can copy others, if you do not love, you can network activities, or invite activities organized by the company to help you plan the activities influence is great and far-reaching. Do not dare to do activities, a is because you only flow and no user.

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