Truck special navigation sand teacher younger brother received 8 million yuan Pre A round of financi

news June 20th, the Internet freight logistics platform by the Qianhai dream brother Sha Chong 8 million yuan PreA round of financing, Guangdong brother Sha network science and technology limited company through the construction of freight cloud business platform, the future will be involved in logistics services, value-added services, insurance and financial services industries.

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project library, brother Sha belonging to Guangdong brother Sha Network Technology Co. Ltd., founded in June 2015, the truck driver service as the core object, by collecting data and road truck driver, began to focus on the development of products. In October 2015, officially released the WEB version of the housekeeper brother Sha capacity. As of now, brother Sha has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 14 companies.

brother Sha mainly uses the B2B2C business model, by providing information on the platform, help distribution station, freight forwarding, logistics companies, intermediary and other traditional logistics enterprises and individual owner or owners, to provide them with services as a starting point to focus on the development of products, cut into the truck special navigation, to attract owners of goods, the establishment of large data and the big data behind the value transformation. Through the construction of freight cloud platform providers, the future will be involved in brother Sha logistics services, value-added services, insurance and financial services industries.

according to statistics, due to the high rate of empty driving reasons, China’s logistics costs remain high for a long time. Every year the logistics total expenditure of about 19000 yuan, domestic transportation and logistics costs more than 200 billion yuan.

according to the China Federation of logistics and purchasing data show that in recent years, China’s total logistics costs accounted for GDP ratio remained at about 18%. The United States, Japan and Germany about 8.5%, the global average of about 11.5%, a larger gap.

in fact, the logistics cost contains about 28%-30% of the Luqiao fee and other hard costs, in addition, the artificial cost, lodging, repair, refueling, insurance and other soft costs accounted for 70%-72%, these costs often will bring great burden on logistics enterprises, there is a huge space. China currently has about 10000000 trucks, truck drivers about about 30000000, the entire freight logistics industry market is very large.

dream of Qianhai is a subsidiary of Qianhai equity trading center’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, with a sound investment management services before the vote. Innovation mode of the original "media + Internet + VC", deep value digging project, through the connection of industry resources to maximize the value of the project, to create a complete ecological value chain.

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